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Spatial Planning

Spatial Planning

Zoning of the CWCBR

The CWCBR is divided into three zones to meet the goals of bio diversity conservation and sustainable development:


Conservation of the natural environment is a priority and some form of legal protection is given to ecosystems and the species they support. A northern and a southern core zone have been identified.


Activities are organised that support or do not hinder maintaining the core, such as sustainable harvesting of natural resources, eco-tourism, recreation, education and research.


Are areas of cooperation that contain a variety of land uses, including settlements, where the area’s natural resources are sustainably developed for the benefit of those who live there. A conceptual zonation plan of the CWCBR was developed for the designation. This will change as planning for conservation within the biosphere develops.

The designated southern core area is adjacent to Atlantis. It consists of both State Land and the the Admiralty Reserve, which extends for about 20 km along the coast north of Silwerstroom Strand.