Old Station Building, 64 Main Road, Vredenburg, 7380, Western Cape, South Africa



Thank you for considering Membership of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve. (Est. 2000)

We have worked passionately this past decade to build the foundation for a credible, structurally sound and globally recognised organisation, with proven results.

Strategically, we believe that our endorsed credibility of the past decade, now provides the foundation, to invite you, to become a member of not only our dream, but a sustainable enterprise, that has been accredited by global nations.

It’s early days in our structured membership drive, (launched March 2010). We have exciting plans to ‘reward’ our members and implement a value that transfers to our projects, the environment and our communities, and our members.

We need Your Support to sustain our Vision of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve as the best international example of integrating rapid growth and change with bio diversity conservation, sustainable living and heritage preservation.

There are multiple membership categories, each have a defined value. Most of us have an interest that resonates with the environment or community effort, thus our passion is underwritten by emotion and we join with philanthropic motivation (public and donor membership).

For our biosphere to make real impact, we need the collective power of commerce, to realise environment sustainability and socio-economic growth, for our children’s future.

We have developed a unique value offering for commercial enterprise and project sponsorship, providing real values of : environmental guidance, socio-economic legislative alignment, cross marketing and network benefits, advisory assistance