Stewardship Industrial Corridor Project

This project was initially funded by the World Bank, which ended as of August 2009. Further funding was sourced to the value of R710 000 from the Table Mountain Fund to secure the position of the Stewardship Officer for a further 3 years to complete this corridor.

Negotiations with Transnet resulted in a positive reaction to the corridor concept, especially at the concept that it could be a world first, and that it could provide for an international best practice for Ports. Currently, internal negotiations are underway to overlay the ideal biodiversity corridor with the future planned expansion strategy of the Port and to identify contract nature reserve status land portions. Transnet would like to enter into the contractual nature reserve option, if approval internally can be sought therefore.

The Corridor Project has resulted in the following proactive conservation gains:

  • AfriSam, our first industrial partner to the CWCBR, (and also a first in the world) have committed to signing up as a Contract Nature Reserve into perpetuity (99 years). The finalization of the contract documentation and management plan is currently in process. AfriSam provided the final go-ahead with their preferred option on 30 June 2010. This will result in 522 ha of Saldanha Limestone Strandveld being included under formal conservation status, classified as Endangered, of which only tiny fragments are currently formally conserved (in the West Coast National Park), totaling 0.2 % of the total extent of the vegetation type. The AfriSam Reserve will be able to contribute 58.53% towards the national target of 25% (as designated by NBSA for all vegetation types) for conservation of Saldanha Limestone Strandveld.
  • Securing stewardship sites reactively through the EIA process has resulted in approximately 1485 ha of endangered vegetation being included under formal contract conservation status.
  • 85 ha of Saldanha Granite Strandveld, classified as endangered, have been secured through a reactive stewardship agreement at St. Helena Views, and a further 1400ha of Hopefield Sand Fynbos, classified as endangered has been secured through two reactive stewardship agreements at Kruispad and Hopefield Wind Farm sites.
  • Total conservation gains through this project amount to 2007 Ha of endangered and critically endangered vegetation in 2010.
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