Spatial Development Plan

Spatial Development Plan (SDP) for the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve

The purpose of this project is to collate many of the missing links that are created by the silo effect of different spheres of government and departments implementing each of their legislative requirements within the boundaries of each municipality.

Results: Provides a service and direct support to the municipalities in their legal obligations. 6 partnerships developed through this.

The Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve (CWCBR) was designated a Biosphere Reserve in November 2000 in terms of the UNESCO MAB Programme (MaB), thereby forming part of the International Network of Biosphere Reserves. Supporting the nomination application was a spatial plan which indicated the basic areas of the biosphere, namely the core, buffer and transitional areas, with the detail of such plan being adequate for nomination application purposes. The compilation of a Strategic Management Framework (inclusive of both strategic and business plans) for the CWCBR during 2003 and 2004 identified four flagship projects to meet the priority objectives of the CWCBR, one of which was “Spatial Planning for the CWCBR”.

The compilation of a Spatial Development Plan is identified by the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve Company as a mechanism to address the need to develop a spatial conservation and growth plan for the CWCBR as identified in the Planning Land Management Programme of the Business Plan. Furthermore, a need exists to update the existing CWCBR spatial plan in order to comply with current legislation, information and policy, as well as ensuring integration and alignment between spatial development frameworks of local municipalities and the CWCBR spatial plan (CWCBR SDP). The main objective is to realize a spatial development plan for the CWCBR, while adhering to the principles of bioregional planning and achieving the sustainable development of the CWCBR, its region and resources.

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