Natural Resource Management Land User Incentives Project

The main goal of this project is using alien clearing as a tool for job creation, restoring natural ecosystems and community development. Contractors and beneficiaries from local communities within the CWCBR area are employed to do clearing in areas of priority to the CWCBR’s aims and goals i.e. clearing in the Dassenberg coastal catchment partnership area (for more info on the DCCP see: :. The main alien species which are targeted are Port Jackson, Rooikrans, Bluegum and Pine Trees.

The project allocates a significant portion of its budget for skills development of the beneficiaries. This is done by providing several training courses to equip them with the necessary skills needed in the project, i.e. Herbicide Application, Health and Safety, Chainsaw operator, HIV/ AIDS awareness, Basic Fire Fighting and Personal Finance. This also empowers beneficiaries and gives them an added advantage for finding new employment outside the project.

Areas where clearing are taking place include:

  • Mamre
  • Atlantis
  • Riverlands
  • Burgherspost
  • !Khwa ttu

Since its inception this programme has created much needed jobs and cleared large areas previously densely covered in alien vegetation. Even with all this work already done, there is still a mountain to climb and we look to the forward to continue the positive impact on communities and their surrounding ecosystems.

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