Global Environment Fund Fynbos Rehabilitation Project

This project was funded through the Global Environment Fund and is a partner project with !Khwa ttu to the value of R350 000 and includes the eradication of invasive alien bushes and trees that have overrun this area, and the re-introduction of plant species that grew naturally in the area before the land was utilized for farming purposes.

The second part of the project is the setting up of an indigenous garden trail which will display a collection of edible and medicinal plants, which were used by the extinct |Xam of the West Coast. The trail has been successfully completed and is already generating income.

The indigenous nurseries have started being planted and have generated enormous interest amongst the San community and children, having far greater results that we had hoped, and over 50 hectares of alien vegetation have been cleared, providing jobs for a team of 15 people for the past 6 months

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