Awareness, Education and Training

In 2010 the CWCBR hosted three student interns; two from France and one from the Cape University of Technology. They fulfilled different roles from working directly with the local municipality to begin a food garden, to compiling a management plan for our partner, the Fossil Park and researching financial beneficiation to the different stakeholders with respect to conservation trade-offs.

The engagement with schools has included a Waste Management Campaign, Food Gardens, surveys and interviews with the teachers and pupils with respect to the CWCBR and their knowledge thereof. This has directly addressed awareness raising of the school stakeholder group in the region. This is being implemented through our Masters intern from the Cape University of Technology, Robyn Julius.

Three Landcare camps have been held in 2010 so far, with another 3 to follow before end December. This project is an ongoing successful partnership with the Department of Agriculture and by December over 180 children and 10 teachers would have participated and completed these camps within 2010. Temporary jobs are also created through this project, capacitating local people in environmental education. A Landcare training camp will furthermore capacitate our local facilitators, developing their skills further for job opportunities.

The CWCBR has provided a number of talks and lectures to international as well as local masters students; community groups; school groups; other international Biosphere Reserves; as well as local clubs and Ratepayers associations. The CWCBR now provides an annual 3-hour lecture to the final Civil and Chemical Engineering students as well as the Master’s students in Sustainable Development at the University of Stellenbosch, reaching over 1000 key students per annum.

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