AfriSam Graduates Project

Using the Nature Reserve to educate the youth from the local community is one of the main focus areas of the project. Regular excursions with CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers) are held on the reserve to raise environmental awareness. One senior and one junior Environmental Education Officer run the day to day workings of the project from an office in Saldanha Bay.

Six national vegetation types occur in the area. This is a very high number for such a limited area. The Saldanha Limestone Strandveld, proposed for cement mining, is listed as an endangered vegetation type. Nine plant communities were mapped in 1997 in the study area, which serves as a core area for this vegetation. Most of the study area is mapped by Mucina, Rutherford and Powrie (2005) as supporting Saldanha Granite Strandveld, Saldanha Limestone Strandveld and Langebaan Dune Strandveld.

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