It’s great to see South Africans finally picking up on what the Italians have known for centuries, that this is the way life is meant to be lived – slowly and simply, with good food and wine and good company, in a natural, outdoor setting. This 2.5 day, 20 km hiking cultural experience is for those who know how to experience the good things in life.

Over the course of the 2.5 days we follow a route once walked by short-necked giraffe, our common ancestor and the San, then came the early settlers and farmers we know today. We explore some of this history along the way but also enjoy a taste of contemporary culture, olive and wine tasting.

The first leg on Day 1, guests are transferred from their guestshouse to !Khwa ttu for a short guided tour by a San guide. Afterwards, the hike continues towards Yzerfontein on the coast for about 10km of hiking experience. The second leg on Day 2 the guests are transferred from their guesthouse to Grootepost area for a gentle 7km walk.

The map provides an overview of the trail but is not 100% accurate. Trails are led by one or more guides who know the route and safeguard guests and natural and cultural heritage embedded in the landscape.

The Trail will be led by one or more qualified guides, supported by various caterers, drivers and other service providers.

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