Walk amidst beautiful scenery in the footsteps of Eve, from who it is suggested that all human life – well before the emergence of Homo sapiens – is thought to have descended. Experience what it was like to be governed by the sun, the stars, and the tides of the sea? Spend the days without your watch and live life at natures pace to replenish your soul.

Eve’s Trail is a 2.5 day, 33km wilderness hike in the West Coast National Park. The trail route follows existing paths connecting Duinepos in the interior of the Park with the Atlantic Ocean, Langebaan Lagoon and Seeberg, the highest point in the Park. It is made up of 3 legs connected through a series of marvellous West Coast style meals and short transfers. Guests are accommodated for two nights at the 3 star Duinepos Chalets or in comfortable lodgings adjoining the Park.

The first leg on Day 1 is a gentle walk from Duinepos to the Fossil Dunes. The second leg on Day 2 is a 16km circular route from Geelbek toward 16 mile beach via Abrahamskraal. The third leg on Day 3 is a 13km hike along the eastern shore of Langebaan Lagoon and up to Seeberg, the highest point in the Park.

The map provides an overview of the trail but is not 100% accurate.

Trails are led by one or more guides who know the route and safeguard guests and natural and cultural heritage embedded in the landscape.

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